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In Excel:Mac , we made a big investment in improving matters for our power users, which includes some great improvements to pivot tables.

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I think that Excel gurus will especially appreciate the performance improvements. Nadyne, Can you tell me why, within a Pivot table, it is not possible to sort a given field by the sum value? I can sort sales territories by the names of the sales territories alphabetically , but the Pivot tables in office for mac do not enable me to sort by, for example, the value of sales in each of those territories hightest first, etc. Office for Windows enables me to do this. This dialog box allows you to set a particular criteria, copy results to another location other location must be in the same sheet , and capture unique values.

In Excel , these are labeled Sort Smallest to Largest and vice versa. Under Sort On, choose how you would like to sort. Note that Excel can sort by cell or font color in addition to values.

Excel 2011 for Mac Pivot Tables Step 4

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Is there any way to do so? Thanks for all the votes and comments on this suggestion. Please continue to show your support for this. Mine just quits every time whether opening an existing doc or creating a new one. It worked perfectly with Mojave. Allow Mac users to access all add-ins such as Power Query. We are paying the same price but getting inferior service. It's usually found under "View" in just about any other application, but unfortunately not within Microsoft Office products.

While Excel does have a set of standardized Touch Bar buttons, you can't change them to what you might use most often, rendering it fairly useless. Apple has had a Touch Bar feature since so it's not exactly a new feature.

Sort data in a PivotTable

I understand that Apple is a competitor, but please put the "Customize Touch Bar" feature into your products! The visual basic for applications editor for the Mac does not have the ability to edit keyboard shortcuts. The most common editing shortcut used is to step through code while debugging. In windows VBE this is F8, and those of us who are familiar with the windows version would like to have the same experience on the Mac. The current keyboard shortcut requires two hands and makes it very awkward to step through and debug your code. Why can't all the same tools be accessed on different operating systems?

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I don't get it I am in college and this is a constant problem. Not everyone using this program has Windows as their operating system.

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Why even offer it to download on other operating systems if all the tools won't be accessible. Today, I was trying to use the forecast sheet function and that is not available on my Mac, yet all the other forecast functions to make formulas are there. It just doesn't make sense. Like in Windows, it would be much faster to use keyboard shortcuts for things like selecting items in the AutoFilter list i.

Pro tip: Group an Excel PivotTable by dates - TechRepublic

As of today, you cannot highlight and select different items in the filter list without the mouse. Also annoying, is the fact that selections are applied instantly, causing nonsense CPU work and worse yet the window shifts in view as calculations are running.

Just ugraded to Catalina and now unable to use my Office package, contacted Microsoft and been told I need to pay and upgrade to 64 bit version, Catalina does not support 32 bit. I was happy with what I had and previously paid for. This is ridiculous surely office packages should be supported and future proofed against OS updates,. The addresses have been verified by a third party certifier. There is no any ways to import csv file in excel for iPad Pro. Could you plz find out a solution to deal with this problem?

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