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I just made an account to praise you for writing this little article. It's still slower than I would think it would be given the pipes it's coming through, but at least it can handle the 2. This seemed to do the trick here too. OSX users instantly noticing improved browse and file transfer speeds after applying the 3 steps above.

I was trying out a direct connection between my MBP and consumer Win10 machine connected direct via thunderbolt. I cannot for the life of me fathom what has changed, everything is still enabled on the windows side, and crucially this is only for externally mounted drives. The internal drives on the Windows machine still test at their full speed.

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We are an office of some users and i am hesitant to make changes to fix the issues for our 1 mac user if there is any negative effect for the 99 windows users. Home Windows Windows Server How-tos. Windows Server Apple. Last Updated: Feb 11, 1 Minute Read. Reply Facebook Twitter Reddit LinkedIn.

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Chris Hutchison. Chris 12 years in IT. Track Progress. Earn Credits. On the Mac, open up Terminal and enter the following command: defaults write com. On the Windows server, open Powershell as an administrator and run: get-smbserverconfiguration Look for the values for smb2creditsmin and smb2creditsmax. To change these settings, run set-smbserverconfiguration -smb2creditsmin -smb2creditsmax and respond Y to the confirmation prompt. References Relevant Spiceworks community discussion.

OSXuser Feb 18, at am. Thanks, Philipp. Chris Feb 19, at pm. OSXuser Feb 23, at pm. Any ideas?

MacOS Mojave with Synology DS1817+ slow performance

Oscar Mar 1, at pm. Chris Mar 2, at am. Oscar Mar 2, at pm. Hi Chris, I know this is an older thread but it is something I need to fix for two clients. Chris Dec 2, at pm.

El Capitan slow file transfer speed over LAN

I don't think this this is possible on Server R2. Richard Poole Oct 18, at pm. You are not seeing this in your environment?

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Did you ever find a solution to this agerson? We seem to have the same problem.

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Whilst the client signing solutions seem to reference a slow file transfer speed, the problem we're seeing is very slow folder enumeration and in some instances NTFS permissions are not coming through - users are denied access to folders they should have access to. Its not super fast, but it did improve. OS X Below is the output from smbutil statshares -a from a client running macOS I have tried various combination of turning client signing off and changing some of the TCP values, but to no avail.

The client machine is linked to the The first share called nwasg is from an iMac running Sierra. The directory listings are sub 1 sec. The directory listing is plus 1 min.

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